9 Life Lessons I Learned from a Pair of Fake Eyelashes

Eyelashes? Life lessons from fake eyelashes???
With both of my daughters being competition dancers, putting eyelashes on squirming, tired, and sometimes sleeping, kids is a no-brainer. But other than my wedding and a fun day at the MAC counter, they never go on me. I don’t know what possessed me, but I thought “Hey, this could be fun! How hard could it be?”

I mean, they were super cute Ardell lashes with rhinestones!!! How could I not?

Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep… maybe not enough cold-brew… or maybe… just maybe… there really are life lessons in everything if you’re paying close enough attention.

And, the first two aren’t exactly inaccurate, lol. So, in no particular order, here’s what a pair of eyelashes taught me:

1) Get out of Your Comfort Zone – every day.

It can be something big like skydiving, asking the cute guy for his phone number… or wearing false eyelashes.

Every time you stretch your comfort zone, you never return to who you were before. You will learn something and that learning may change your life. (Oh, and if there’s something you want in life that you don’t yet have, chances are it’s outside your comfort zone, or you’d already have it.)

2) Know Your Outcome and Be Willing to Change

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. It was the third time attempting to apply the first lash before I put everything down and stepped away. Clearly my approach was not working for me in the moment. I had no lashes on, but I had succeeded in gluing my own eyelid/eyelashes together. Stepping away allowed me to come up with a new approach that ultimately resulted in me wearing lashes. (1… 2… 3… I win!)

3) Take the Time to Get Unstuck 

There came a point when my lashes were so stuck to my eyelid that the only option was to take all my makeup off to get the glue off. I had tried to “save time” by trying to not do that… and just made it worse… which wasted more time. Which leads me to the next point.

4) It’s OK to start over.

Sometimes you get to a point where making small adjustments from where you are won’t get you to your outcome. Sometimes, you need to simply start over. It was only in removing my makeup and going back to step one that I achieved my outcome.

5) Life Can Be Messy. Embrace It and Smile.

I’d made the decision to remove my makeup and get unstuck. I reached for the coconut oil… and proceeded to splatter it all over my only theme party shirt that still remotely fits (releasing 40 lbs does that). I could have freaked out. Instead, I jumped on google for tips, modified it because I didn’t have time for laundry… and mostly got the stains out with some dish soap, paper towels, and a hair dryer… laughing at myself the whole time.

6) Use the Right Tools

In my desire to not go get the good lash glue out of the girls’ competition bag, I used the glue that came with the lashes. There is a reason I use a Duo glue for competition. After cleaning up the oil mess on my shirt and getting my eyelashes unstuck… I grabbed the “good” glue and started over… with success.

7) Be Consistent and Keep Going for Your Outcome

After gluing myself together, spraying my shirt with oil, and standing there with only half of my makeup on, there were thoughts of saying “screw it” and ditching the lashes. But I pictured my outcome and that was enough to keep me going. 

8) Good is Good Enough.

It’s ok to accept “good enough.” Are my lashes perfect? Heck no! I missed the lash line on one corner. Was it worth taking it off and risking not even getting it that good again? Nope! I can do better next time. My outcome was having the lashes on… and I succeeded. This is why you want to know specifically what your desired outcome is before you begin.

9) Ask for Help

For anything you are wanting to learn, there is likely someone who has already done it who can help coach you and shorten your learning curve. Find them. Learn from them. Check YouTube. Hire them. Stop thinking you have to struggle and learn on your own. I’ve already watched some YouTube tutorials for next time. Better than that, my friend Jenny owns Crave Lashes, so I will be reaching out to her for help and advice. 

To those who have complimented me on my lashes today, now you know how much that means and all it took this morning, lol. Thank you! 





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